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N 1.3 was the sixth update to N from Metanet and introduced a lot of improvements from 1.2. To quote Metanet's website:

- fixed blurry text
- improved post-death ragdoll collision 
- improved enemy AI refresh rate 
- added "shuffled" mainmenu replays 
- added online highscores 
- added internal personal best system 
- added practice mode (no time limit)
- added unlockable secret mode
- added deathlog 
- added "boss mode" (lowers cpu usage) 
- added visual quality selection 
- added sound volume control
- added 150 new levels (30 new episodes)
- added numpad 0 or Insert accesses object editing in Ned
- added new episode completion images
- added new credits page art
- modified save player progress

There were 3 versions of 1.3: 1.3a, 1.3b and the final 1.3c.

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