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The #N IRC can be found here. According to the Metanet Software Forums' summary, "The N IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is an online, always-active chatroom in which you simply join and immediately start chatting with other N fans!". On the 10th of May 2009, KinGAleX set up his own IRC server at [], but the IRC community has previously been hosted at the WayPastEleven, Phrenzy, and mWare networks.

Meanwhile this channel serves as a more general purpose, just for N fans (or actually Metanet community members) to talk about anything, another channel was created, currently the second most active after this one, called N-Highscores. This channels conversations are often dedicated purely on N and highscoring, innovation, competing, routing, announcing new 0ths, etc. If you are a highscorer who want to talk about this, you'll probably prefer this channel. If you would like to join to talk about anything else, join N IRC.

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