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The correct title of this article is naem. The initial letter is shown capitalized due to technical restrictions.

A controversial highscorer who submitted many jaw-dropping highscores, such as 00-0, 26-1 and 79-4. His perceived level of skill is so high that there was ongoing controversy about whether his scores were legitimate, as opposed to having been created in frame-by-frame mode or by using slow down software. However, from NReality's new "display state" function, and from analysing NHigh's demo analysis feature, one can see that some—if not all—of naem's runs were, in fact, cheated. Watch any of his longer runs with display state in v6e or higher (such as 69-4, 79-4 or 88-4) to see this. He repeatedly makes tiny turns in long runs and presses keys repeatedly when falling when he could have easily held the key. These are all tell-tale signs of the run being made using FBF or using slow down tools.

Despite his alleged cheating, it is fair to say that he has contributed a handful of innovative routes and ideas that have either been replicated and improved by legitimate players, such as 79-4 and 80-2, or have the potential to be utilised, such as his thwump innovation in the top-centre on 87-4.