Nexx, also known as Avarin, is a retired mapper[1], reviewer, and forum contributor who officially joined NUMA under the username theBAMNman in April 2005. He changed his name to Nexx in 2007. He submitted his final level, "Super Spelunky (The End)", on April 6, 2014.


As theBAMNman, he received a Dronie nomination for Best Puzzle Map of 2005.

As Nexx, he earned a Dronie win (2009), two Dronie nominations (2008 & 2010), and nine featured maps (as of January 18, 2019). He also snagged a couple SUBLiME contest wins (2008), meaning those maps were accepted into either the PSP or XBLA versions of N+. He notably participated as a mapper, judge, and organizer in the massive Memoirs map pack.

Other Contributions[]

When image maps saw a surge in popularity around early- to mid-2008, he created the Image Map Thread to help users track the trending style. He also put together a very basic image-map tutorial.

Starting in late 2008, he created and ran the Map-Rating Group, which lasted over a year, involved 50+ mappers, and generated 2700+ rates. He attempted to run a second season in 2010, but the response was tepid.

Despite being a long-time member of the community, he only became a reviewer in late 2013. He continues to post reviews.

External Links[]

  1. www.nmaps.net/232240