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If you are new to N, numbering might look weird or confusing for you. In N, everything starts from 0 rather than with 1. That means, the first episode of the game is actually called Episode 00, and the first level of each episode is called Level 0, and the player with the highest score on a level owns the 0th spot, not the 1st. That's what we call, having a 0th. Therefore, even though the leaderboards are top-20s, they go from 0th to 19th.

However, that's just valid for N argot. That means that if we are talking in normal language, we won't use that numbering. For instance, when we are sorting people by order they reached some achievement, we won't say "He was the 0th player to do that", but rather "He was the 1st player to do that". That means there was nobody who did it sooner.

Some examples:

  • "Oh yeah, you're talking about Ep. 25 Level 0" would be equal to "Oh yeah, you're talking about the first level of Ep. 25".
  • Mr_Lim was the 5th player to become grandmaster of N (not the 4th).
  • Meanwhile, "He's currently 0th on the top-20 leaderboards" would NOT be equal to "He's currently 1st on the top-20 leaderboards", as that would be confused with "He's 1st" which actually means there's one player higher ranked than him.
  • "That dude was the 1st player to beat N" would NOT equal to "That dude was the 0th player to beat N", simply because the latter expression does not exist.

Remember, levels, episodes, rankings, leaderboards, and some other N-only concepts will use the 0 numbering. Meanwhile, sorting in chronological order, talking in normal language, etc will use the normal numbering, starting from 1.

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