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Oli4burggraa is a NUMA user. He is also a user on the Metanet forums. He lives in Holland. None of his maps are rated. He tends to make puzzle-ish levels, but sometimes also makes action levels and is currently busy with an N-art. He also tends to make frankenlevels His NUMA profile can be seen here

Current levels[]

Oli4burggraa's levels are, at the moment (march 2nd 2008 12:48) (in chronological order of when he submitted them. Some of the maps are resubs):

- Who's Door

- Drones 'n' Doors

- What the door?

- Who's staring now?

- Return of the Frankenlevels!

- Which way?! (Resub. Originally his first map)

- Frankenlevels 4 ever!

- Electrocution

- Much

- Laser (Made my someone from his school that couldn't submit it)

- The gold and the buttonfull

- Is it a monster?

- Just me, again...

- Diamonds

- Stars

- Like a dog biting in its tail

- No seriously, don't

- Be patient

- Symmetrical goldmine

Deleted levels[]

- My N-art - 1st step: Mo

- My N-art - 2nd step: Mond