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Oxymoron93 (or oxy for short) is an N 1.4 and N 2.0 highscorer; he was a former grandmaster of the latter version of the game (meaning he had the most 0ths for that respective game at a certain point in time). He has a tied 0th on 92-4, which he shares with only two other players (as of May 2020): Arctic_Pony and macrohenry. Oxy also has an outright 0th as part of the competition called LOCKDOWN, which he obtained on 58-2 after temporarily losing it to EddyMataGallos, its previous 0th-holder. As of 12 May 2020, he has 33 top-20 scores (ranked #42). Oxymoron93 got the silver medal in the aforementioned LOCKDOWN in a field of ten competitors.

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