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The Pony Parade was a Metanet Forums event that began on July 19th at midnight UTC -8, and lasted for almost five days. It was begun by krusch, spect and KinGAleX, and marketed as being bigger than Legacy. There was a significant amount of hype leading up to the 19th because very few people knew what the surprise was supposed to be. On the day of the unveiling, it became obvious that it was exactly what it had been made out to be: a large amount of pony images posted by some of the more respected members of the forum, mainly most of the staff. Appeal seemed to split; many loved the event, but many found it just as repulsive and demanded it be pushed away.

In response, just a few hours after noticing it, Keron Cyst created the jocose Pony Parade Resistance and donned an avatar of a horse with a red circle and a diagonal line cutting through it (whose members were recognized by the absence of a Pony Parade userbar in their signatures). This was followed by a contest in which participants had to post one adverb that did not end in "-ly"; the Pony Parade team barely succeeded in defeating the Resistance with 15 to 14 posts.

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