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A puzzle map usually has some element of trickiness within it, requiring skill and strategy on behalf of the player in order to over come it. Puzzle maps may include jumper puzzles, such as those Lucidium is famous for making, and door eeries. Puzzles may also involve different locks to open, unique solutions, and methods to complete various sections.

Jumper MapsEdit

Jumper maps are defined as maps that require the player to employ srategic and skillful jumps in order to overcome large gaps, awkward platforms, or seemingly inescapable areas contructed within the tileset. Mine-jumper puzzles are jumper maps that usually include long-winded tilesets studded with numerous mines. The player is required to maneuver gingerly and make carefully timed jumps at the risk of death -- as a result, tedious and frustrating gameplay are the trademarks of mine-jumpers.


Door EeriesEdit

Door eeries are maze-esque maps that restrict the player to a linear path set by a series of trapdoors and/or normal doors (conventionally), which are activated when the ninja passes over the switches.


Free SamplesEdit

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