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Race to a Billion (or RtaB) is a forum game, first brought to the forums by 29403, who hosted from December 2008 to June 2009, when 999_Springs took over. The game itself was taken by 29403 from the Deal or No Deal forums. The game has been very popular, and is the only non-chain related pinned thread in The Pie Forum. It has well over 10 thousand views, despite an accidental reset of the view count at one point when 29403 merged the two threads. Oh by the way, thanks for that. (Sarcasm self-test complete.)

After much declined activity and several players dropping out 999_Springs decided to let the thread die in April 2011. EdoI won with £11,187,092.64 and 29403 came last with MINUS £892,319.24. What a fail.



The game is fairly simple to understand, but gameplay can vary in a lot of ways as the game progresses. The ultimate aim of the game is to collect £1,000,000,000 before the other players. The game is divided into rounds. In each round, there are four players. These four take it in turns to choose a square from a grid of 24 squares, arranged on a 6x4 grid. Underneath each square can be anything from simple cash amounts, to minigames, or any number of other squares that affect the game. This continues until no squares remain, or only one player is left (see Bombs below), who receives a cash bonus for making it to the end.


Before each round begins, the four players send a message to the host with a number between 1 and 24. Under this square is placed a Bomb. If any player hits a bomb, they will lose a certain amount of money, and be eliminated from the round. The amount of money they lose depends on the order in which they were bombed out:

  • The first player to be bombed loses £50,000
  • The second player to be bombed loses £40,000
  • The third player to be bombed loses £30,000

It is possible for multiple bombs to be placed in the same square. If one of these is hit, the player loses the relevant cash amount multiplied by the number of bombs in that square. Once three players are bombed, the one remaining player receives £50,000, plus £5,000 for every remaining unrevealed square.


The number of possible squares is very large, with every square doing slightly different things. A full list of the squares, along with more detailed rules can be found at the RtaB thread.


Race to a Billion v1.0

Race to a Billion v1.2a updated link

Race to a Million , a simplified version of the game, created by fawk for the Mark Watson Fan Forum.

^ I think that last one's somebody's shameless self promotion. Not mine. And it sort of sucks, so ignore it. :P

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