romaniac (AKA remaniac or remm) is a mapper and Dronie-winning highscorer from New Zealand, well known for his N Arts, DDAs and puzzles. He is known as remaniac on IRC. He claims to be "the most southern-based player of N in the world."


romaniac is typically best known as a highscorer/speedrunner on NUMA. He specialises in longer maps, often with a high level of difficulty as well.

romaniac began highscoring Metanet maps in March 2008 with reasonable success, achieving over 50 highscores and 3 0ths. Although known more for highscoring, he also has over 30 speedrun top-20s, and as of 25 June 2013, a 0th on 08-2.

romaniac won the highscoring section of Blur, season four.

Despite his low activity on Metanet highscoring, his active NUMA highscoring earned him the Dronie for Player of the Year 2010.

Early Mapping[]

romaniac submitted his first map to NUMA on 4th July 2006. His mapping abilities gradually progressed to a much higher standard, and he began to branch out from standard action maps into DDAs, puzzles and N-arts. For many of these N-arts, he took inspiration from the Swedish artist Oscar Reutersvard, who specialised in drawing impossible objects. One of romaniac's more famous maps, Impossibilty within an Impossible Triangle, is one such example.

Later Mapping and Success[]

Having established himself as one of the best DDA makers, romaniac's reputation on NUMA grew. Stability, his 300th map, was submitted to NUMA on 21st December 2007 and was very well received. In an odd turn of events, however, a user known as k_farrugi plagiarised the map a couple of months later. Stability was subsequently featured by kkstrong on 15th June 2008. Another of his maps, Sponges, was featured on 6th September 2008 by RadiumFalcon.

The Chaser's War and other DDAs[]

Taking inspiration from Clifty's KRADDA, The Chaser's War, romaniac made The Chaser's War II: Double Agent, the first ever CTRDDA ("Chase Teh [sic] Rocket Don't Do Anything") and submitted it to NUMA on 2nd March 2007. He followed it up with two sequels, submitted on 13th July and 22nd November in the same year. The first two gained more than a hundred rates each, while the third achieved over 70. The three maps have combined total of over 360 ratings.

For his 400th map, romaniac created a three rocket KRADDA entitled Gobsmacked which garnered over 60 rates.

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