Squibbles is a respected and moderately active member of the Metanet forums and NUMA. He was working on a collaboration mappack featuring the entire community, however, gave up after about 7 maps, realising just how large a project it was. He has since developed a mapping style which he calls "N-stile?", with tiles resembling abstract art, and gameplay based on unusual concepts.

His name was derived from the tilde (~), which he called the squibble due to lack of knowledge. He later found out it was called the tilde, but the name stuck.


He has been in the community since January 2008.


His maps have a cool style, with tiles entering and leaving gaps. This has been constant in most of his maps. They are fun to play. Most of his maps are in the 4 region, but he has some maps that have an average rating of 5.

He quit and claimed that featured maps were all too generic and looked the same, and didn't enjoy maps in a long time. It was a shame to see him go, for all of his friends in the Metanet community. He has made 74 maps in total.

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Squibbles' Maps