Formerly known as chimneysweep, Sweep joined the Metanet Forums on the 4th of January 2005. His most famous map is probably The Epic - Part XI - We Can Be Happy Underground which involved a simple premise of a zap drone chasing the ninja through an indulgent tricky tileset riddled with mines.

Sweep became a moderator of the Metanet Forums in early 2006, following large amounts of community participation, including creating The Dronies, bitesizeNUMA, the Design N A Playpark Contest, the Minimaps contest, and coming up multiple implementations for NUMA. These included the queuing system and the updated colour scheme.

Sweep is the sixth member of the Legacy Team. He was brought in at the last minute before the launch of the Legacy Project, but has since become an integral part in the group and their future projects.

Sweep has recently become a moderator of NUMA.

Sweep's Departure[]

Sweep left the community on the 4th May 2007. His farewell topic is here:

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