T3chno, now commonly known as Techno or Flight on the forums, came to the Metanet community in March of 2007. However, after submitting some pathetic maps on Numa, he left the community. He returned mid-August and became an active member of the community. His maps had -somewhat- improved. Today, he is the moderator of the Image Forum on the forums, moderator of Numa, and frequents IRC.

T3chno has submitted 200 maps on NUMA. He also is a very good image maker, and after moving from GIMP to Photoshop, (all of his other images were just "brushes and text") his image making skills have improved.

In late-April od 2009(?), T3chno stated he had left Metanet. He came back about a month and a half later. Now he's a full-time Metanetter.

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