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or simply TRO is a notable speedrunner and moderator of the N Contests and High Scoresforum who is known for his huge dedication in the forums, humble attitude with the others, chimneying, precision and Manually Built Demosamongst other things; like weekly updating the highscore rankings, writing detailed rundowns, etc.

Along the time since he joined, TRO has made probably one of the biggest contributions to N physics, inspecting the engine, finding loads of tricks, glitches, bugs, even the more subtle ones, and many more things. Discovering how that huge universe of the N physics works, and how to use that knowledge. He was the first one to discover a lot of things in his trip, such as discovering, for example, it was possible to jump over 4c snapped mines in a two tile high hallway (less than 1 tile space between the mine and the ceiling), among many other things.

The RapEdit

ska produced a satirical rap about the N highscoring community which primarily focused on TheRealOne.


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