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The BumBum Scandal involved a certain member of the forums being account hijacked by another member of the forums, in the process creating a scandalous event that almost lead to an banning if it not for one member of the forums who figured out who the perpetrator was.

As the story goes, a member called BumBumMilkToffee, in order to get back from his ban in #n at way.past.eleven by blue_tetris, took it upon himself to hack the user account kkstrong. Posing as kkstrong, he sent hateful PM's to blue_tetris while also boasting of his own awesomeness (which isn't entirely out of character for kkstrong). Dave obviously took offense to this, and banned kkstrong on the spot, and since kkstrong can sometimes be irritating on IRC, the consensus opinion of him was not in his favor. But then a member called Darn_Hippie (now known as Commander) supported kkstrong with facts from earlier IRC conversations with BumBum that BumBum knew kkstrong's password and was going to hack him, thus vindicating kkstrong and resulting in a ban for BumBumMilkToffee.

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