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The myth goes that:

"There were times during our land where discussions of moving to another region were mentioned, but never really truly executed during our time. After the great Tetris Takeover, it had become true that blue_tetris had now become our true leader in our land, and many moons after the takeover, blue_tetris, took his mighty steed up on a hill with his comrades on a dark night. He raised his sword, which gleamed brightly over the moonlight as he cried through the night, "Tonight, we find a new land!". He and his comrades rode their horses down upon the hill, going farther than any native could ever dare hope to reach. Once blue_tetris made his destination, he took a flag out and stabbed it on the ground, marking the movement of our civilization, as people do have the urge to find refuge elsewhere. He kept the development camps secret only to a select few, and unveiled it to his people when he was done. They say that to this day, there are still wanderers at the old campsite, waiting for a prevalent return of the cavalry, or just to hang to the only thing that stands left of their memories."

The true account goes that blue_tetris had planned a movement to another forum host after the occurrence of the Tetris Takeover, but this was only known to the forum members in IRC (who payed attention). After preparing the forums at the new destination, he announced it at what was the current forums, initiating a mass move to a brand new forum host, phpBB. The forum name shares it's association to The Real N, which evolved from a comic to a full-fledged website, and now a forum which pertains to the website as well. Members are still moving to this forum to this day, and brand new moderators have been selected to run. The old forums still exist to this day.

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