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The Stacey IncidentEdit


On April 10th, 2009, a new Numian known as Stacey appeared with an avatar depicting an attractive teenage girl holding a green picture-phone. She began to post seductive comments thorughtout the Hot Maps page, and her lusty charm and body built for speed was quickly noticed by multiple members, including prolific authors Palemoon, Sidke and Ganteka.

Incident Edit

In an attempt to disrupt the community and cause general mayhem across NUMA, authors PALEMOON and sidke quickly devised a clever plan: they submitted a tileset featuring her name and quite an eloquent profession of undying love for the being known as 'Stacey', which grew enormously in popularity and stuck to the hot maps page for a day before being cruelly delisted by the Numa moderator southpaw in a futile attempt to stop the Stacey Madness. PALEMOON then resubmitted it, concerned that his map did not get as much attention as it deserved. southpaw then featured it, saying

"this is why NUMA can't have nice things. This is why Arachnid never updates NUMA. this is why NUMA can't have nice things. This is why Arachnid never updates NUMA..."

Many considered this review an abuse of power, but it was seriously hilarious and marked the day that Stacey ruled NUMA with an iron fist (and a sexy green camera)


All the while, Stacey began posting sensual comments aimed to egg her supporters on. Even a website worshipping Stacey was created, entitled Church of Stacey. Numerous maps, dubbed 'shrines', began to appear on the Hot Maps page. A while after the event, author RadiumFalcon stepped forward and confessed to starting the prank. No punishment of any sort has been given out relating to the incident, because it was totally balls-to-the-walls awesome.

This event would go down as one of the larger pranks in Metanet history, along with the Rushing Water Trend and some other stuff that no one cares about.

Credit Where Credit's Due Edit

  • RadiumFalcon : co-creator of Stacey account, posted comments on the Stacey account
  • Mustardude: came up with the idea to create Stacey
  • gloomp: Suggesting to get Stacey to make a map where users can confess their undying love to her.
  • sidke: Asking PALEMOON to create a map devoted to Stacey where users can confess their undying love to her.
  • PALEMOON: Submitting the most important part of this entire prank to NUMA. Twice.
  • southpaw: Featuring one of the two most important parts of the prank.
  • channel #moa: Being the stage of most of it.

Stacey's User ImageEdit

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