James Moffatt (the_psychohazard) is a relatively new addition to the Metanet Forum community. He joined on the 29th of April, 2006. At a post count of only 20 as of May 7, 2006, it seems he is what is commonly referred to as a 'noobie.' While this may be true, he has exhibited a high level of maturity. He has also maintained an educated and intelligent point of view. He only pays attention to the Off-Topic and Bash&Thrash forums, and is most commonly seen in the threads devoted to religious debate. He has created 2 thread, as follows:

    Why Satan?in the Off-Topic/Serious forum.
    Heavy Metal in the Bash&Thrash forum.

He is, as his signature says, a very dedicated atheist, and agrees with many of Anton LaVey's original ideas.