Tiles are the solid floors that can be found in N. They come in a variety of shapes. You can perform a variety of tricks on these to help you move along through the level / map quicker, something highscorers take advantage of.

If the ninja falls flat on a tile from too high, he can be killed. However, if he lands on certain tiles (the "1" and "4" tiles mainly, only the "2", "3", "6", and "7" tiles if it isn't from as high of a distance), the ninja can survive.

Tiles can also divert the paths of Drones, thwumps, and floorguards, and serve as coverage from gauss turrets, homing missiles, laser drones, and chaingun drones.


Different Tiles[]


The image above shows all the different kinds of tiles in Ned. They are (from top to bottom, left to right): the "E" tile, "1" tile, "2" tile, "3" tile, "4" tile, "5" tile, "6" tile, "7" tile, and "8" tile. Blank spaces are called "D" tiles in Ned.

A tileset is the combination of tiles in a level or map. Some maps are created with only the tileset so that others can experiment with objects without working on a tileset.

Tiles are obviously the most commonly used item in N mapmaking, and probably the most important, as well.

There are also special glitched tiles that can be created only by code editing.

Tile Code[]

1 tiles
3 = Q
2 = W
4 = S
5 = A

2 tiles
G = Q
F = W
I = S
H = A

3 tiles
? = Q
> = W
A = S
@ = A

4 tiles
7 = Q
6 = W
9 = S
8 = A

5 tiles
Q = Q
P = W
O = S
N = A

6 tiles
K = Q
J = W
M = S
L = A

7 tiles
C = Q
B = W
E = S
D = A

8 tiles
; = Q
: = W
= = S
< = A

Full tile = 1
Empty tile = 0

This can be used to great effect with Unreality's Tile Drone in Nreality. <nowiki>