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tktktk is a former highscorer and mapmaker, a global moderator on the Metanet Forums, and a member of the Legacy Team. As a player, tktktk gained prestige by being the first recognised highscore grandmaster and the first player to hold 100 0ths, dominating the highscores for four straight months in 2004 before the dominance of Kaellstar and trib4lmaniac. He still has a few excellent top-20 highscores remaining 16 years later, which stand testament to his status as one of N's greats. According to "ska's list of most influential N players of all time", tktktk was ranked 10th. He is also a highly regarded mapmaker, where he was consistently ranked highly on the top authors list on NUMA, and has 17 of his 130 maps featured on NUMA as of April 2020, as well as some of his maps being included in both N 1.4 and NReality. tktktk is also famous for his simple challenge series. The concept has been copied by many authors since. The level data for all of the simple challenge maps can be found here .

tktktk's profile on NUMA.

Highscores Statistics for tktktk as of 18 April 2020:

Number of 0ths: 1 (ranked #16) (Tie on 59-0)

Number of top-20 highscores: 11 (ranked #82)