Toshosoft (or TS, as he prefers to be called) is well known throughout the N community and is a frequent IRC user. He loves South Park, N, Flash, and computers. Toshosoft was known for decompiling N in the summer of 2005, which made Mare and Raigan upset. The license.txt file says that you cannot decompile N without Mare and/or Raigan's permission. Toshosoft later apologized for his actions.


Toshosoft started playing N in mid-April 2005, and joined the forums on May 8, 2005 (one day before spect). The level he had most problems with was 67-4 Sibliant S, which took him exactly 756 tries to beat (and, according to TS, "the mine at the top is evil"). After beating N (31st July 2005, 9:30:54 PM GMT+2), he started making maps, with most of them being jumper puzzles. He was also the 10th person to beat the Legacy Origins pack, and the 11th person to beat the Legacy Expanse pack. Since then, he has beaten N at least two more times, saying: "The second time was hella easier;" "The third time was a piece o' cake;" and "Mmm. Cake."

Other stuff[]

He made two survival maps, the first of which won Survival Map of the Year in The Dronies of 2005, named Laserific. He's truly thankful to Lucidium for the "awesome idea".

He got 3rd place in NTTS 3, closely followed by wedgie and L3X.

He made two amazing map-packs all by himself—Teh TS map-pack (consisting of 64 levels) and Teh TS map-pack II (consisting of 77 amazing levels). He retired from map-making shortly afterwards. His last NUMA map was a dedication to spect.

He's INTJ.

He's the sworn arch-nemesis of cyby.

Don't call him 'shoftee'; only cyby can call him that.

His custom title on Metanet Forums is "Tea Effing Ess".

He's quite harsh to newbs on IRC. He usually greets them with a "Who the fuck are you!?". Even though it's not that polite, it's a good inside-joke. He is also first on the #n stats. He really has no idea how that happened.

He has the most Wikipedia-esque signature on the forums.

He can command vast and horrible armies of the undead. Used in conjunction with Spiker's penguin mafia, they are unstoppable!

He is now calmly waiting for Legacy Zenith to come out, so he can beat it and get whatever prize The Legacy Team have in store, saying that this is the only thing still keeping him around. Eight long years have passed since then, and nobody can remember for sure if it was ever actually completed.

He wrote most of the text on this page (and is really infuriated by the excessive use of third person pronouns), but, alas, ska has carefully edited this article to restrain Toshosoft's ego somewhere between that of Madonna and Kanye West.