Tsukatu, or Suki, registered on the Metanet Forums in its earliest days, before it had much of a community, or much cohesion. When Tsukatu was active in the Custom Levels forum, he was known for his fervor in chastising members who created a new forum thread for a new map. Suki was granted Moderator status of the Bash & Thrash forum (also known as BnT), which was in part created because of Tsukatu's tendency to use strong language in his appraisal of other members' maps. Soon after his ascent to Moderator of Bash & Thrash, he asked for and was granted Moderator status of the Off-Topic forum, including the Forum RPGs subforum, which was then a part of Off-Topic. By the suggestion of another member, Tsukatu created an advice column in his domain called Ask Suki!, which he advertised in his signature with a graphic created by Nambio. He declared his resignation from the forums on June 27, 2005 in his advice column. He recommended that a friend and fellow member iangb take his place as Moderator. He declared another resignation on May 2nd, 2006. Tsukatu remains a frequent visitor to the Metanet Forums, though he has long grown disinterested in N.

Tsukatu is best known for his short temper and lack of tolerance for ignorance, and as an outspoken Satanist, though he is probably better known as merely an atheist. When he was active, he was a major part of any debate that arose on the Metanet Forums. In fact, he proved his worthiness to lord over the Bash & Thrash when he put an angry forum troll, CaCaDooDoo, in his place in a lengthy debate after CaCaDooDoo refused to acknowledge a ban from the forums.

Tsukatu as a Mapmaker[]

Tsukatu is not known for his mapmaking skills, and has in fact only created a handful of maps, none of which were any spectacular success. In his early days on the Metanet Forums, before being granted Moderator status, Tsukatu would say that he never considered himself a talented mapmaker when his mapmaking skill was attacked. Nevertheless, Tsukatu served on the judging panel of a few of maximo's mapmaking contests. Tsukatu's maps may be found on NUMA here.

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