Turtle (previously known as 99turtle99) is a mapmaker on NUMA and a member of the forums. Turtle has created a web comic and is known for running a number of contests. Turtle is known on NUMA as "turtles" and has over 300 maps (now 400) of many different varieties, over 100 of which are rated (still 100, unchanged since 300). He has made nearly 1500 maps.

As an active forum member, he is found constantly posting in very unexpected places, such as the messageboard games section. He is also known for a nice signature

As of June 20th, 8:45 PM he is just one post shy of 3k posts. He has been a member of the community since summer 2005


Turtle is sexy. Very sexy.

Possible Departure[]

On November the 7th, 2009, Turtle sumbitted a final map-pack on the forums [1], containing approximately 100 levels. He announced that it would be likely that he will leave the community to pursue personal things.


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