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Universezero (also known as Uzi, originally Lex_Leach) is a member of the Metanet Forums and currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand. He is known for making forum signatures and making tilesets in the NUMA community.

He is known to participate in community activities and projects, such as The Metanet Podcast.

To find Universezero, you'd probably find him on the N IRC from 6-11am GMT. He's also know to go on Vent on occasions, especially during the Metanet Podcast.

Universezero is also a member of a forum/IRC based Role Playing Game know as Arstar, and can often be found hanging out with Communist in the #arstar channel.

Universezero's Map Ratings Chart

As of the 6th of July 2010, he has submitted 118 maps to NUMA.

Universezero has made some great tilesets in his time which usually get 5 stars, but only 2 or 3 ratings. He's also an Nreality fan, on which he has made some great Image Maps and modified maps. He also occasionally makes collaborations with kablamo, under the account name ChildrenOfNova.


Dark Meadow Sig

One of Universezero's signatures from the Signature Tournament

Universezero has been making sigs for the community for a while now; since the 28th of December 2008, to be exact. He entered and came first in the Signature Tournament hosted by Kablamo_Boom. He makes sigs using Photoshop and occasionally Gimp.
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