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Atilla is allegedly "either a minor genius or mildly insane, depending on your point of view". He is well known as a forum moderator and for having founded St Atilla's College for Ninja on the basis that ninja should not denied the chance to invest in their future just because they happen to have a 90 second life expectancy. He has also produced several level packs (the Quintilogy of Five, Atillus Secondus, and Conspiration) a few dozen levels on NUMA, and masses of excessively long forum posts dealing with everything from the nature of absolute truth to his neighbours' garlic and fence post collection. Atilla is also known for his rather unusual sense of humour, which - among other things - entails everything satirical, annoyingly persistant use of puns and other forms of wordplay, and writing long and truly bizzare explanations when they are entirely unnecessary. He also says that he's an outrageous liar, but we're not sure we should believe him. Atilla is quite capable of laughing at himself, but more often laughs at others, usually after making sarcastic comments at their expense. Atilla also occasionally refers to himself in third person. Nobody is quite sure why this is so.

Early Life[]

Atilla was born on a small cattle farm, the youngest of eight sons. Unlike his roudy elder brothers, Atilla was a quiet child, more interested in books than cows. Since they already had more than enough sons to run the farm, Atilla's parents decided that he should be sent off to get an education and hopefully improve the family's lot. After asking around, Atilla's father heard of a "great wizard" who lived in a cavern outside the nearby town of Oakwell, and at the age of five Atilla was sent off to ask the wizard for an apprenticeship.

It should be noted at this point that Atilla's father had rather poor hearing, because when Atilla reached Oakwell he found that the cavern's inhabitant was in fact the great lizard Kyrath, a silver dragon. Atilla, not sure what a wizard was supposed to look like anyway, and not wanting to disappoint his parents, asked to be apprenticed to the beast. Bemused by this strange request, the dragon agreed, and over the next twelve years Kyrath taught Atilla magic and the ways of the world.

Kyrath's Murder[]

In the year 339E, when Atilla was nearing adulthood, a band of adventurers came to Oakwell. Set on fame and riches, they ignored the protests of the townsfolk - who actually got on quite well with Kyrath - and marched to the dragon's cavern, bent on slaying the beast. It was an easy victory, since Kyrath was too softhearted to fight back (instead asking them politely to stop killing him, if they wouuldn't mind), and Atilla was out hunting at the time. Atilla returned to find his mentor murdered and his home ransacked. He immediately set out in pursuit of the adventurers, vowing to avenge Kyrath and forever fight for draconic rights.

Present Day[]

Atilla is a prominent dragon rights campaigner and has been lauded by the United Nations for his charitable work. In 2006 Atilla was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in ending hostilities between dragons and humans. Atilla is currently working on a book detailing the origins and extent of prejudice against dragons.

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