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I am an American boy, whose birthday is April the twelfth. I will not tell my actual age, just so you know.

I enjoy spicy foods and dairy product, and have a love (and skill) for video games. For my age, I am very smart when it comes to math. I am interested in learning physics and plan to become a physicist.

As far as N goes, I am doing pretty good. I only have 6 episodes before I complete V 1.4, and about 80 episodes for Nreality. I like to speedrun, but I occasionally highscore. I have over 160 maps on NUMA, about ¼ of which are Nreality, and about ⅔ of those are tests. I only have about 15 rated maps. I am quite sad about that number.

Anyway, I hope this helps you figure out the inner workings of me, bye!

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