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Laurie after cult bust in 2003

PNI, aka Laurie, is an active user on the Forums. Many users tend to call him Pixon Nixon Ixon, but he does not recommend doing that, unless you want to get Internet raped.

He is also known as Trees, Epyx and sometimes Epyxey.

He was the inventor of the "Tree genitles" a technique where you rub your genitles up a tree very smoothly.

Run in with Police Edit


Laurie (Circled in red) with survivers running from police

PNI was once none as the superhighway drug millionaire, it wasn't until he used his money in 2002 to buy a small pool and lead a cult into committing suicide when the police went after him to try and catch him.

Final capture Edit

125 people had died in committing suicide, 25 people were shot dead from running from police and only 6 people survived, including PNI. PNI was send to a maximum security jail where he was Internet raped twice and stabbed once. It was not until 2001 when he was released from prison under a charge that each dollar he earns must be eaten

Death Edit

Laurie was killed in a really funny way

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