Here is a list of some uses for NReality mods I have come up with. Feel free to use them, though I would appreciate credit.
If you come up with any of your own, add them to the bottom in a separate section and indicate that you made them.


||||0,speed,-1; creates drones that back up in a straight line without stopping or turning when they hit anything. If they would normally turn at the start, they turn first and then start backing up.
1. You can change the -1 to any other negative number to change the speed at which they move backwards.
2. This works for any type of drone.

||||2,chaingunRate,0; creates a very hard-to-avoid chaingun.
||||2,chaingunRate,0;2,chaingunPrefireDelay,0;2,chaingunPostfireDelay,0; creates a nearly-impossible-to-avoid chaingun.
||||1,laserRate,3;1,laserPostfireDelay,0;1,laserPrefireDelay,7; will create a fast laser which will force the player to keep running or die.


||||13,turnRate,0;13,maxspeed,15;13,startaccel,15; causes rockets to fire in a straight line and go much faster than normal. A chaingun-like effect can be created by stacking ~6 turrets and adding 13,prefireDelay,30;.
||||12,maxtimer,10000; prevents normal doors from closing.
||||6,midAimSpeed,0;6,closeAimSpeed,0; causes gauss turrets' crosshairs to stop whenever they get close to the ninja.
||||4,mass,100; makes bounceblocks deadly.
||||4,mass,1; makes bounceblocks immovable.
||||3,r,55;3,_xscale,6;3,_yscale,6; increases the size of gold's hitbox without making it appear larger.
||||4,sleepThreshold,0; prevents bounceblocks from moving when they are not in contact with the ninja.
||||4,sleepThreshold,10000; prevents bounceblocks from stopping when they are any distance from their starting position.
||||11,fallSpeed,1000; causes thwumps to "fall" (in whichever direction it is facing) instantly.
||||4,stiff,1;4,mass,5; creates immobile, bouncy bounceblocks. Increasing mass increases the bounciness, and changing stiff to 0 makes the bounceblocks unusable after one bounce.
|||11,fallspeed,0; makes unmoving thwumps.


|||||r,20; creates a large, bouncy ninja.
|||||r,5;normGrav,0.15;g,0.15; creates a small ninja that often dies from a tile glitch (the gravity modifiers are an attempt to prevent that).
||||1,laserPostFireDelay,100000; creates lasers that shut down after firing.
||||1,laserRate,100000; creates lasers that don't stop firing.
|||||normGrav,-0.3; reverses gravity, but only after the ninja jumps.
|||||jumpAmt,0;jump_y_bias,0; creates a ninja who can't jump.
|||||jump_y_bias,-6;g,-0.15;normGrav,-0.15; creates a ninja who jumps downwards and reverses gravity.
|||||max_jump_time,125;jumpGrav,-0.06;jump_y_bias,-7; makes for sinusoidal walljumps. However, it also causes the ninja to die if he jumps from the ground. You can also replace 125 with 75 and -0.06 with -0.1 for faster jumping.
|||||jump_y_bias,47; will cause jumping to teleport the ninja up multiple tiles. You can place a downwards-facing one-way pad at multiple locations above the ninja to stop him, though you may have to experiment with them a little.
|||||skidFriction,1;normDrag,0.9995;d,0.9995;terminal_vel,120; removes friction (and compensates for the side effects).
|||||skidFriction,1.03; causes the ninja to speed up whenever he is sliding on the ground.
|||||skidFriction,Infinity; causes the ninja to stop interacting with anything whenever he skids to a stop. It's not very usable, but it's interesting.
|||||wallFriction,1.06; causes wallsliding to either stop the ninja or accelerate him violently upwards, depending if the ninja was falling slowly or quickly. This is not recommended for walls more than 1.5 tile-lengths from top to bottom.
|||||standFriction,200; gives the ninja a burst of speed whenever he would come to a stop.
|||||jump_y_bias,0;jumpAmt,4; makes perpendicular jumps more perpendicular and makes walljumps act like regular perpendicular jumps.
|||||groundAccel,0;airAccel,0; forces the player to play the map with only jumps (though they can use the arrow keys to keep from skidding to a halt quickly).
|||||groundAccel,-0.15;airAccel,-0.12;skidFriction,0.99; essentially reverses the ninja's response to the left and right keys. It does, however, have some unavoidable (but minor) side effects.