Ved Buens Ende is a collection of levels by some nice authors I've met over the time I've been here. It originally started out as just being me, but face it, I'm no Tosho, so I didn't actually think I'd be able to pull it off on my own. So that's why I enlisted the help of some of my buddies here; Caero, Demonz, Kablizzy, lord_day, Qix and Yahoozy. These 6 guys have helped add 30 levels, which is more than my total input. I'd really like to thank them for the awesome work they've put in. But, yeah, the pack?

The pack is non-episodic, so you can play the levels which/whenever, which is a nice thing. I personally think this pack contains some of my best work, but you can judge for yourselves on those fronts. Enjoy the pack, guys and gals! The file is attatched down there. It also contains some ascii art, for kicks.

And the name? It's Norwegian for "At the End of the Rainbow", and just seemed rather snazzy to me.


Borealis Caero Demonz Kablizzy lord_day Qix Yahoozy