xdude AKA xdude_rox, tearsofthesaints, catspride, brightershadeofblue, Brian or xdude_ is an inactive N player and community member who mostly submitted action or incomplete maps, but occasionally he liked to mix things up with the occasional N-art or puzzle.

You can find xdude's Numa profile here.

He is also the apprentice of BritanniaWD, who is training him in the way of graphics...

xdude also took part in The Revolution levelpack and is an inactive casual highscorer with 82 top-20s as of 11 October 2012, (Ranked 24th).

He also has 14 top-20s under the alias: tearsofthesaints including an ex 0th on 19-3 for a grand total of 96 top-20s (ranked 22nd).