Yahoozy (previously known as Yahoozy Guacamole) is an acclaimed mapper who is known for his unique and eccentric style. His maps can be found here.

Yahoozy's zany mapping style and creative output has earned him a Dronie nomination for mapmaker/author of the year for every year since 2006, and he has won the award twice (in 2007 and 2011); he was the only person to have won the award multiple times until the award's final year in 2013. He also has a record 27 nominations for 4 wins.

Yahoozy also has five maps included in the hidden N 2.0 userlevels columns, which is the most of any mapper.

As of April 2024, he also holds the record for the most amount of featured maps, with 45, equivalent to more than 6% of 734 maps submitted to NUMA.