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<blue_tetris> You're an innovator, just like your old man tetris.

  • blue_tetris musses Yahoozy's hair.

<blue_tetris> You really are the new blue_tetris. <Yahoozy> Hahaha. Thanks, pops. <Yahoozy> Are you going to rape me now? I've been waiting all day. <blue_tetris> And I'm not just saying that because I'm drinking JOOOOHNNY WALLLLLKER REEEEED AND COOOOOOKE. <blue_tetris> TIME TO RAPE MY SON, YAHOOZY. <blue_tetris> COME TO THE RAPEBASEMENT SON <Yahoozy> FUCK THE SOULFILTH FROM MY SUPERDOME, FATHERDOME. <blue_tetris> I WILL LIBERATE YOUR MINDDOOR FROM ITS FEARHINGES AND RACE FORWARD INTO THE LOVECUBE OF OUR WRONGWISHINGS.

  • blue_tetris liberates Yahoozy's minddoor.

<blue_tetris> LET MY PASSIONLEVER GEARSLIP YOUR ANGERFEET INTO MOTION, THAT WE MIGHT SLAY THE TOGETHERSOME FOES OF WARHOUNDCANNONMASTERS AND THEIR DOUBLEGUARDS. <Yahoozy> I feel the darkpleasure gushing into my nightbrain like a rainwhirl windram. <Yahoozy> I feel the cosmicdragon woodpeckering my pulsedemons to a culturehigh of eclipsical perimiterstones. <blue_tetris> Don't hopeforge an againstwall for the futurebirds you see on the spacehorizon. Some aspirationdeaths are surebound for your homechair.

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